The world of cute things, and k-pop.

Hello, Hello. Steph’s the name. Blogging’s my game. (lame I know -_-).

I basically love kpop A LOT. My favourite groups include Super Junior, SHINee, Big Bang, DBSK, f(x), 2ne1, Dalmatian, BAP, CN Blue, FT Island, Exo, Epik High, and MANY OTHERS.

I do love other things too. I am a fan of Homestuck, Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Hamtaro and other things. Also cute things like sweets and baby animals.

PS, I have the tendency to go on a reblog spam A LOT meaning a spam of one theme such as BAP, or How I met Your mother. If you can handle the spam, then you’ll be good.

If I post any GIFs, I give all credits to the owners and people who made the GIF as I cannot make them.

Also, don’t expect me to follow you back right away. If I like your blog then sure, but I usually follow what I want to see on my dash.

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